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Revere Beach

"...But once when I was six years old I walked with my father at low tide, the Nahant beach causeway on one side, the staggered Boston buildings on the other, a plane flying low to Logan Airport. We held hands and stepped over the rigged mounds of packed sand, the scattered strands of seaweed brushing my ankles, the salt air, the smell of sun tan lotion, the sea gulls. We walked to the edge of the channel, the boats an arms length away, the neighborhood behind us in the distance. I remember it was late in the day, the sun hazy and starting down. We stood looking back at the tiny houses, the neat lined streets until the water rose slowly around our legs, the small cool waves pushing us home, and somewhere out of sight I heard the faint chimes of an ice cream truck."

Kevin M. Carey, Revere Beach

Revere Beach became America's first public beach in 1896 and quickly took its place as one of the most sensational and culturally transformative recreational destinations for Bostonians and tourists from all over. Although the world-famous Cyclone roller coaster (built in 1925) is no longer situated along the waterfront, there is still plenty to do and see along the restored promenade of Revere Beach: enjoy fishing or boating in the North Atlantic, go canoeing or kayaking at Bell Isle, stroll along the wide crescent of the white sand beach, head over to neighboring Suffolk Downs to watch horse racing, or enjoy countless restaurants, shops, arts venues, and entertainment opportunities!

The History of America's First Public Beach

Up-and-coming Events at Revere Beach

Restaurants Along the Promenade and Thereabouts

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